How a cad becomes a peril

He came, he went around,
He saw we were gullible and naive,
He waxed eloquent,
He said make me your servant,
Make me your PM,
For fifty two weeks.

What’s so special,
They wondered,
About fifty two weeks
He said Your shares will soar,
Reach never before highs,
You will grow.

When you grow,
The country grows
We have no shares, they said,
He floated Bubbles in the air
We will give you some shares, he said,
He was a bounder.

He flew around in a copter,
He had a team
He became the PM,
He started flying around in jets,
Across the world,
To far off lands.

He came into the kitchen
To see what was cooking,
He sat at our table,
To taste what we were eating
He peeped into our wardrobe,
To see what we were wearing.

He ripped into our lockers,
To see what we were having,
He poked into our pockets,
To take anything we had.
He even searched the garbage
To see what we were trashing.

Farmers committed suicide,
He said they were out of their minds,
Students committed suicide,
He said they were upto no good,
They deserved to go.
They were anti-nationals

Workers asked for their wages
He said said they were unruly crowds
He spread canards
Spoke ill of them
And intimidated
people who spoke against him

He put innocent people in prisons
When prisoners went missing
He said they had escaped
When they were found dead
He said Join our team
Or you will be ruined

The sorrows of our people
Do not bother him
He keeps stoking fires and let them rage,
His team runs wild as the fires leap
He lets them spread to neighbouring lands,
He says our nation is in peril,

The Emperor stomps around
Without clothes,
His admirers cheer
They keep chanting
He is the best we ever had
There is none better

He missed being tried
For crimes against people
Now he happens to hold the reins of power
He has let loose his troopers
He has become the fountainhead
Of all our peril

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